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Attention! It is highly recommended to back up your data before performing the update!


  • Portfolio testing: on the "Profit" tab, the "Drawdown" and "Drawdown duration" panels were added;
  • Portfolio Testing: on the "Profit by strategies" tab, an profit graph for each instrument was added;
  • Portfolio Testing: added "Strategy correlation" tab which displays the matrix of correlations;
  • Added a menu for creating sets of securities (main menu item Data - Security Sets);
  • Added "Batch ticker replacement" menu for futures contracts in the "Autotrading Control Center" window. Tickers can be changed for a selected group of agents. Note! Before changing the ticker, it is necessary to stop running agents.


Data providers:

  • Binance: Added support for RSA keys.


  • The following columns have been added to the "Optimization Results" tab: "Bars Held (all trades)", "Bars Held (win trades)", "Bars Held (loss trades)". Invisible by default;
  • Optimization of the program work with the cache of candles;
  • Block "Save to Global Cache": added an output that returns saved values. Added parameter "Save to next bar";
  • Information about the number of the latest nightly build has been added to the "Update to a nightly build" window.


Data Providers:

  • Binance Spot: fixed a bug that caused the Binance Data Provider to hang when it was disconnected.
  • Binance: fixed a bug in the "Use local time" setting;
  • Binance: fixed a bug that caused the agent to lose active orders after a disconnect;
  • Binance: fixed a bug that prevented the drawing of new bars on the Agent chart when working with a script that uses several sources;
  • ByBit: fixed a bug related to the rounding of the order price;
  • ByBit: fixed error that occurred when synchronizing with server time;
  • ByBit: the problem of writing the database of orders/deals was solved. Improved interaction with the exchange;
  • ByBit: for the ByBit USDT Perpetual provider, the option "Upload orders and trades in N days" has been added to increase the speed of connection to the exchange;
  • Interactive Brokers: fixed problem with reconnecting to data provider;
  • Fixed various bugs in data providers:
    • Binance
    • ByBit
    • Deribit
    • Huobi


  • Blocks "Relative commission" and "Relative commission with minimum": when calculating the commission for purchase transactions (long), the "Margin, %" parameter is not used;
  • The "Parameters" tab in the Agent: added the ability to collapse and expand all directories;
  • "Scripts" window: fixed a bug that caused scripts to disappear from the directory;
  • Fixed a bug where data from a text file was not loaded into the Agent as an additional source;
  • Fixed an error that occurred when connecting to a scheduled data provider at the start of the program with the "Risk Manager" window open;
  • "Order Manager" window: fixed a bug that prevented placing a conditional order with a negative price;
  • "Order Manager" window: fixed incorrect display of negative prices;
  • Fixed calculation of lots in the agent when using multiple exit;
  • "Optimization" tab of the "Laboratories" window: for percentage optimization, calculation of optimization steps has been fixed when changing the number of parameters to be optimized;
  • Fixed a bug that did not allow opening the installation dialog for the nightly build when downloading the manifest failed;
  • Various minor bugs
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