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  2. Version Attention! It is highly recommended to back up your data before performing the update! New Data providers: Added new data provider: KuCoin; Other: Agent trading settings: Added the "Stop if Timeout" option, which stops trading by the agent if the waiting time is exceeded; In the "Optimization results" table, a "Mark" column has been added, which allows you to mark the selected rows. Improved ByBit Inverse Futures: API V5 support has been implemented for the data provider; OKX: In the data provider settings, the "Calculation of lot at face value" option is enabled by default; Portfolio testing: portfolio calculation algorithms have been optimized, RAM memory consumption has been reduced; On the "Log" tab of the laboratory, a display of script recalculation time has been added; The broadcast of screenshots from TSLab has been reworked: the broadcast setting has been moved from the "Program Settings" to the context menu of the "Tab" (right-click on the name of the "Tab"); the broadcast is assigned to the selected sheet, which makes it possible to create several broadcasts; broadcasting is carried out either to the TSVerse server or to a local disk. Removed the ability to broadcast images to Google Drive, DropBox and to a remote server. The function to automatically disable the "Hide Links" button in the Lab Editor is disabled when adding a new link between blocks; The Autotrading Control Center window. In the "Creation Date" column, filtering will be performed only by date without taking into account time; When saving changes in the agent, an information message has been added to the "Message log"; The possible number of characters in the name of a set of script parameters has been increased; Fixed Data Providers: Binance Futures: resolved the issue of connection loss when working with multiple Binance data providers at the same time; Binance: the problem of loss of connection with the data provider during connection has been resolved; ByBit: fixed commission calculation on the "Trades" tab; ByBit: the problem of long-term connection to the exchange has been resolved; Alor: the problem with processing fictitious transactions on the St. Petersburg Exchange has been resolved. In the data provider settings, the option “Do not ignore zero trade volume” has been added (disabled by default); Quik Lua: fixed a bug that led to double exits from a position; Various errors in the work of suppliers have been fixed: Binance ByBit OKX Other: The cache for loading trading statistics has been optimized; Fixed an error in saving a new agent name; Fixed an error in the operation of the "Risk Management" module that affected the values in the "Balance price" column of the "Positions" window; Fixed an error in entering block parameter values for a simple chart; The problem with multiple submission of orders when the Linked orders mode is enabled has been resolved; Optimization results: when you cancel saving results to the repository, the tab name is not deleted; Various minor bugs.
  3. Version Attention! It is highly recommended to back up your data before performing the update! Fixed The critical problem of uncontrolled position acquisition when using multiple position change requests has been resolved.
  4. Version Attention! It is highly recommended to back up your data before performing the update! New Data providers: ByBit: API V5 support implemented;; ByBit users, please note that as of October 16, the ByBit exchange will no longer support the old version of the API V3. We recommend updating TSLab to version in advance. Other: The "Disable price correction" option has been added to the laboratory properties. The option only works on historical data; TSVerse project: Translation of workspace images from TSLab to TSVerse has been implemented; A new block "CCI" has been added, in which inconsistencies in the calculations of the CCI indicator have been corrected. Previous version of CCI block renamed to "CCI (old)"". Improved "Autotrading Control Center" window: added ascending sorting for the filter in the "Ticker" column; Message log: the agent name has been added to the message “The previous operation with the request is still in progress”; Agent "Parameters" Tab: "Collapse", "Expand" and "Load" buttons have been added under the tree of parameter sets from the script; the highlighting of the last loaded set works on both trees; in the middle table (in which the parameters are displayed) sets from both trees are now added: script and agent; if the value of any parameter changes for a loaded set of parameters on the “Optimization” tab, then the flag of the loaded set on the “Parameters” tab is cleared; Optimized deletion of orders in the "My Orders" window when disconnected; Agent Control Center: program freezing when opening a list of deals (with a large number of deals in the cache) has been eliminated; Saving optimization results: in the "Select results from the Repository" window, the columns "Creation date", "Record count", "File size" have been added; when saving optimization results in the repository, the name of the tab with the results changes to the saved name; Portfolio testing: on the "Strategy Correlation" tab in the "Name" column, records are aligned to the left; added an "Include" column allowing you to add or exclude strategies from the calculation of overall results; For the "Save to Global Cache" block, the "Do not trim" option has been added. When the setting is enabled, the data will not be trimmed by the number of bars and by dates; Changes have been made to the table of the "Agent Control Center" window: the "Calculated Position" column has been renamed to "Common Position" and moved to the end; a column “By agent trades” has been introduced - calculated position for agent transactions; a column "Δ Agents" has been introduced - the absolute value of the discrepancy between the brokerage position and the settlement position for agents; the “Align” button has been added to the “Δ Agents” column - places a limit order with the specified value; the column "Δ Summary" has been introduced - the absolute value of the discrepancy between the brokerage position and the calculated one for agents; the “Align” button has been added to the “Δ Summary” column - places a limit order with the value of the total discrepancy; "Action" column removed. Fixed Data Providers: Binance: fixed a bug where instruments were not displayed in the provider settings; Binance: fixed a bug causing the message "Server rate limit exceeded"; ByBit: fixed order expiration error; Deribit: fixed the minimum lot value for options; Deribit: the formation of values in the "Balance price" and "Assessed price" columns of the "Positions" window has been corrected; Transaq: the problem with incorrect display of account balance has been resolved; Fixed various bugs in data providers: Binance ByBit OKX Other: Repository Manager: fixed bug with resaving imported optimization results; Control Panel Editor: fixed a bug that caused displacement of selected objects on the control panel in the laboratory editor; Fixed an error that occurred when loading optimization results; Fixed a bug where the Laboratory and Agent tabs were included in the list of open windows (Main menu - Windows); Improved algorithm for replacing block names in the "Formula Editor" of the "Formula" block using a global search in the Laboratory editor; Changed default directory for storing text data for offline providers; Fixed a bug where it was impossible to launch an agent that used the "List of instruments" block; Solved an issue where it was impossible to link an order to an agent if an option was used as a trading instrument; Parameters: fixed a bug where the saved set of parameters for a container could contain extra parameters (from deleted blocks); Fixed a bug where the price of a partially executed active order was incorrectly determined, causing it to be re-issued; Fixed a bug where the lists of available parameter sets disappeared in the agent's "Parameters" window when saving a new set in the source script; Fixed a situation where, after launching the program, before the transaction history was fully loaded, agents could start working; Agent Profit Chart: Fixed the algorithm for calculating the Median Profit when there are positions outside the current history; Changes have been made to the calculation of the Results of the script in the Laboratory when several orders are triggered on one bar; Fixed a bug that caused memory leaks during optimization; Fixed a bug that led to double exits from a position in multi-order mode; Portfolio testing: fixed a bug that caused the data calculation process to freeze; Various minor bugs.
  5. Version Attention! It is highly recommended to back up your data before performing the update! New Added the ability to save and load optimization results; Changes have been made to the script container key format: Containers created in earlier versions of the program can be loaded on version Containers created in version cannot be loaded in earlier versions of the program. New interfaces and methods of TSLab API: INeedVariableParentVisuals - List of names of parent blocks (sources) separated by a semicolon; INeedVariableParentIds - List of identifiers of parent blocks (sources) separated by a semicolon; INeedVariableParentNames - List of names of parent blocks (sources) with parameters separated by a semicolon; Methods have been added to the IRuntime2 interface to get information about agents; Improved Data providers: OKX Perpetual Swap и Futures: added filling of columns "Upper limit" and "Lower limit" in the "Quotes" window; ОКХ Perpetual Swap: fixed lot size; Interactive Brokers: added multiple deletion of old contracts; Interactive Brokers: the process of connecting to the data provider has been optimized, the connection speed has been increased; Deribit: added support for XRP_USDC_Perp contracts; Binance: added reloading account data when restoring a broken WebSocket connection; Other: Block "Profit (whole period)": added parameter "Direction trades" (All, Buys, Sells); "Import/Export Values" blocks: added the ability to work with the "Control pane" block; "Scripts" window: added the ability to filter the "Name" column by the name of Catalogs; When creating a copy of the script, the setting of the selected optimization mode is saved (Random, Brute force); Export to Excel: the name of the saved file is substituted with the name of the script or agent; "Scripts" window: added "Agents count" column. Shows the number of agents bound to the script. Hidden by default; Portfolio testing: Added "Change portfolio name", "Edit portfolio" and "Clone" buttons. Button icons have been changed; Portfolio testing: added "With a securities" button. When adding scripts, it is possible to select default instruments (the instrument selected in the "Tradable instrument" block of the script); Portfolio testing: corrections have been made to the filters of the "Settings" tab of the portfolio; Portfolio testing: improved sorting by the name of the scripts in the "Settings" tab of the portfolio; Fixed Data Providers: OKX Perpetual Swap: fixed a bug that caused double exits from a position; ОКХ Perpetual Swap: fixed bug in profit calculation; Bybit: fixed a bug that caused double exits from a position; ByBit: Fixed an issue that caused the data provider to take a long time to load; ByBit Perpetual: fixed a bug that caused a discrepancy between open positions on the exchange and in the agent; ByBit: fixed a bug that caused the data provider to freeze after losing internet connection; Binance Futures: fixed error connecting to data provider; Binance: fixed a bug that caused the message "Client order id is not valid" to appear; Interactive Brokers: fixed errors in the work of the IB data provider in conjunction with IQFeed; Interactive Brokers: fixed error loading own deals when reconnecting to a data provider; BitMex: fixed bug in profit calculation; "Positions" window: fixed errors in the displayed data for crypto exchanges; Fixed various bugs in data providers: Binance ByBit OKX Other: Fixed a memory leak during optimization when using graphs of non-threaded processors; Risk management module: fixed a bug in the "Limit of long position by volume in money" option; Agent parameters: fixed a bug when a new set of parameters from a script was not displayed in a disabled agent; Block "Control panel": fixed a bug where the specified restrictions on the values of block parameters did not work; Security sets: sorting for instruments in the table has been fixed; The problem with the discrepancy between the data obtained on the "Optimization Results" tab and the data from the "Results" tab of the script has been solved; Block "Decompress": corrections have been made to the operation of the block; Fixed the problem with unexpected termination of the program in case of using several sources of trade data in the agent; Fixed the problem with the impossibility of placing an order at negative prices; Fixed the problem with the execution of the signal with the "Many exit signals" option enabled and the simultaneous use of related orders has been solved; Fixed a bug that caused the swap file to overflow during optimization; Fixed a bug that caused an unexpected termination of the program when switching between tabs and script windows; Fixed error copying blocks from one script to another; Block "Change Limit price": fixed errors when working with negative prices; Fixed an error that occurred when correcting a double exit from a position after clicking on the "Forget errors" button; The problem with saving the program configuration when working with options has been solved; Fixed a bug in the "Search" button of the Laboratory editor; A bug has been fixed that caused the indicator settings to fail if the set of parameters loaded into the script does not contain these indicators; The problem with saving the path to the backup folder is solved; Risk manager: fixed a bug where when the "Allow orders at a loss" option was enabled, the filters "Time intervals when trading is prohibited" were ignored; Fixed the problem with saving column settings on the "Trades" tab of the agent; Added setting of the workspace modification flag when changing the option board in the control panel; "Parameters" window in the agent: fixed rounding of fractional numbers in the parameter values table; Changes have been made to the formulas used to calculate the Sharpe and Sortino ratios; Fixed a bug that did not allow updating the container after its expiration date; "Agent's trading settings" window: fixed operation of the "Sort parameters alphabetically" button on the "Parameters" tab; Various minor bugs
  6. Вы сообщали о проблеме в поддержку. Вопросом занимаемся. При запросах сервер брокера присылает ошибку ERROR:Cannot lock for request По результату разбирательств сообщим в поддержке.
  7. Зависание ТСЛаб 2.2 при добавлении котировок в окне "котировки". Логи высылал. Версии 2.0 и 2.1 с серверами Риком-Траст - работают без замечаний. К сожалению, поддержки этих версий нет. Просто создаю новую тему. А то здесь о брокерах ничего нет и никого нет.
  8. на криптовалютных рынках тип управления лимитами не работает. Указывайте в самом скрипте, на сколько входить. USDT из кошелька в скрипт можно получить с помощью блока "Позиция по имени."
  9. Мы все здесь: https://t.me/tslabprorugroup/145088 В редакторе самый очевидный вариант использовать Сжать. Как альтернативу можно предложить Обновляемое значение(ОЗ) + формула + Логическая формула(2) + Блок День недели + максимум. Если День недели равен нужному, то изменить ОЗ от формулы. В формулах находить максимум что-то типа Math.Max(Максимум,ОЗ) нужно Вам посидеть покрутить формулы, найти формулу, как будет правильно. Есть еще блоки Максимум/Минимум сессии, в нем параметр - это сессия. 7 сессий, вот неделя, если крипторынок.
  10. Version Attention! It is highly recommended to back up your data before performing the update! New Portfolio testing: on the "Profit" tab, the "Drawdown" and "Drawdown duration" panels were added; Portfolio Testing: on the "Profit by strategies" tab, an profit graph for each instrument was added; Portfolio Testing: added "Strategy correlation" tab which displays the matrix of correlations; Added a menu for creating sets of securities (main menu item Data - Security Sets); Added "Batch ticker replacement" menu for futures contracts in the "Autotrading Control Center" window. Tickers can be changed for a selected group of agents. Note! Before changing the ticker, it is necessary to stop running agents. Improved Data providers: Binance: Added support for RSA keys. Other: The following columns have been added to the "Optimization Results" tab: "Bars Held (all trades)", "Bars Held (win trades)", "Bars Held (loss trades)". Invisible by default; Optimization of the program work with the cache of candles; Block "Save to Global Cache": added an output that returns saved values. Added parameter "Save to next bar"; Information about the number of the latest nightly build has been added to the "Update to a nightly build" window. Fixed Data Providers: Binance Spot: fixed a bug that caused the Binance Data Provider to hang when it was disconnected. Binance: fixed a bug in the "Use local time" setting; Binance: fixed a bug that caused the agent to lose active orders after a disconnect; Binance: fixed a bug that prevented the drawing of new bars on the Agent chart when working with a script that uses several sources; ByBit: fixed a bug related to the rounding of the order price; ByBit: fixed error that occurred when synchronizing with server time; ByBit: the problem of writing the database of orders/deals was solved. Improved interaction with the exchange; ByBit: for the ByBit USDT Perpetual provider, the option "Upload orders and trades in N days" has been added to increase the speed of connection to the exchange; Interactive Brokers: fixed problem with reconnecting to data provider; Fixed various bugs in data providers: Binance ByBit Deribit Huobi Other: Blocks "Relative commission" and "Relative commission with minimum": when calculating the commission for purchase transactions (long), the "Margin, %" parameter is not used; The "Parameters" tab in the Agent: added the ability to collapse and expand all directories; "Scripts" window: fixed a bug that caused scripts to disappear from the directory; Fixed a bug where data from a text file was not loaded into the Agent as an additional source; Fixed an error that occurred when connecting to a scheduled data provider at the start of the program with the "Risk Manager" window open; "Order Manager" window: fixed a bug that prevented placing a conditional order with a negative price; "Order Manager" window: fixed incorrect display of negative prices; Fixed calculation of lots in the agent when using multiple exit; "Optimization" tab of the "Laboratories" window: for percentage optimization, calculation of optimization steps has been fixed when changing the number of parameters to be optimized; Fixed a bug that did not allow opening the installation dialog for the nightly build when downloading the manifest failed; Various minor bugs
  11. Прошу подсказать, как в кубиках можно прописать High и Low текущей недели и Close прошлой недели? Только через блок "Сжатие" или есть другие варианты? Если это уже обсуждали, то прошу дать ссылку или пример скрипта.
  12. Version Attention! It is highly recommended to back up your data before performing the update! New Data providers: Added new Data provider: Bitget. New blocks in the editor: Initial Deposit; Quote by name; Average exit price. Improved Data providers: Bybit: added setting "Place conditional orders via TSLab" in the Data provider settings; Interactive Brokers: Added support for the latest TWS API. Other: For the "Trade Statistics Strings Sum" and "Trade Statistics Extremum Value" blocks, the Minimum and Maximum bar,% parameters have been added; Script editor: when the "Hide links" mode is enabled, links are displayed only for selected blocks placed on the Editor's workspace; When creating a script container, a container compression procedure has been added. For new containers, the file extension has been changed from .tscont to .tszcont; The algorithm for counting positions in agents has been changed (columns in the Agents window: Positions (lots), Positions (money), Long positions, Short positions). Now, if the volume by the amount of transactions on some executed order does not match the volume in the order, then the position is complemented to the volume of the order. If the missing deal comes next, then the order is no longer taken into account; The Parameters tab has been redesigned in the Script Editor and in agents. Attention! Data about parameter sets are saved in a new format, so when you roll back to the old version of the program, new parameter sets will not be available; Changes have been made to the menu item "Tools" - "Export to Excel" for a table in the Agents window. The list of exported parameters has been changed; In the Agents window, for the buttons "Start all agents", "Start selected agents", the ability to enable a request for confirmation of the operation (File - Program settings - Trade - Request confirmation for starting a group of agents) has been added; In the context menu of the Graph tab in the script and in the agent, the "Reload data" item was added; Added "Maximum bars" and "Maximum days" parameters to agent settings. At zero values, the values are taken from the corresponding script parameters; Added percentage selection for the number of optimization runs; The title of the "My trades" window displays the number of trades, similar to the "My orders" window. Fixed Data Providers: ByBit: corrected the time synchronization procedure; Fixed various bugs in data providers: OKX Rithmic Other: Fixed commission calculation error in the Agents window; Control panel: data output in the form of a drop-down list for the "Instrument by name" block in conjunction with the "List of instruments" block has been fixed; Fixed error in the "Interactive constant" block; TSVerse: fixed a bug that caused the program to disconnect from the TSVerse service; Improved search system by block name placed on the Editor's Workspace; Fixed a bug in working with the cache of providers, when the option "Don't save trades" is enabled; In the Data Providers Settings, the editor for entering the cache storage period has been fixed; When ticket blocking is enabled, commands to change active tickets are no longer sent; Various minor bugs
  13. 06.02.2023 22:23:07 128 CS0012: Тип "Object" определен в сборке, на которую нет ссылки. Следует добавить ссылку на сборку "mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089". Что делать при такой ошибке?
  14. Путём проб и ошибок понял, что проблема была в антивируснике Windows 10. В какой-то момент по время автоматического сканирования он решил, что TSLab - это угроза. Решение: - идём в анитивирусник Windows - Открываем "журнал угроз" - Ищем TSLab и отправляем его в список исключений.
  15. При создании новых поставщиков ничего не происходило, только в логе начали появляться ошибки с текстом «Object reference not set to an instance of an object». Конкретно для TSLab нигде информацию не нашёл.
  16. Version Attention! It is highly recommended to back up your data before performing the update! New TSVerse: In the Main menu of the program for the menu item TSVerse added the option "My Purchases" TSVerse: In the TSVerse menu, the option to create a data provider based on a contract drawn up in the TSVerse personal account has been added In the "Program settings" - "Script Optimization", the setting "Workstation garbage collection .NET" has been added. Affects the loading of multi-core processors. Improved Data providers: OKX Swap: Added "Balance" and "Available" data to the "Accounts" window. Account currency changed to USDT; OKX и ByBit: Added option "Don't save trades" in data provider settings; OKX: Reduced CPU load when working with OKX; ByBit: In the settings of the data provider, the option "By market as a limit plus %" for the execution of market orders has been added. Other: TSChannel: Added APIKey menu for TSChannel blocks in script properties; If the broker did not send the price for the execution of transactions, the bar's opening price is used (Previously it was 0 and the "bars" of the market); Accelerated calculation of the block "Profit (whole period)"; Accelerated calculation of the block "Free money"; Portfolio testing. Fixed sorting in the portfolio table; Autotrading Control Center window: added sorting for the "Creation date" column; Blocks "Formula": In the "Expression Editor" added button [-1]; Optimized tick cache memory usage; Autotrading Control Center window: Fixed "Forget errors" button and agent statistics. Fixed Data Providers: ByBit: Fixed a problem with the work of the "Portfolio estimation" block; ByBit: Fixed display of "Volume" in the "Quotes" window; ByBit Spot: Fixed a bug that caused an increase in incoming network traffic; Deribit options: Fixed bug with placing orders; Bitfinex: Fixed switching intervals on the chart; OKX: Fixed a bug where conditional orders did not work; OKX: Fixed a bug with assigning a number to orders; OKX Swap: Fixed a bug that caused gaps to appear on the chart when a provider is disabled; Fixed various bugs in data providers: ByBit OKX BitMEX Other: Fixed a bug where the transaction history was not cleared in the Autotrading Control Center window when changing the agent name; Fixed a bug in displaying the optimized parameters of a custom indicator; Fixed the problem of performance degradation when using the "Compress" block in a self-made indicator; Scripts window: Fixed Name column filter; Various minor bugs
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