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  1. Добрый день, нет, коннектора Exante не будет. Нет спроса.
  2. binanance - No margin trading yet Bitfinex - When connecting Bitfinex there are 3 accounts: Name data provider, this a regular exchange. Margin - margin trading (trading with leverage). Funding - giving coins at interest (not used in TSLab, shown for information only). For margin trading,- instrument in the agent or in order manager must be selected precisely from the Margin account. Do not use names Margin and Funding in name data provider. Actual: no historical data on bitfinex
  3. Уважаемые коллеги! Автоследование! - время пришло! На следующей неделе мы начинаем закрытое тестирование TSSignal - ядра сервиса повторения торговли от TSLab. Вы торгуете на TSLab? Чувствуете в себе потенциал стать автором стратегий, за которым пойдут инвесторы? Тогда присоединяйтесь к TSSignal, чем раньше тем лучше. Ведь чем старше Стратегия, тем больше к ней доверия. Заявку на бета-тестирование присылайте на почту beta_testing@tslab.pro В заявке обязательно укажите Ваш email, с которым вы зарегистрированы в личном кабинете TSLab.pro После формирования группы, будет проведен вводный вебинар. Точные дату и время сообщим позже. Для коммуникации группы бета-тестирования открыты Telegram каналы: Новости проекта Автоследования: t.me/tslabsignalrunews Вопросы, ответы и общение: t.me/tslabsignalrugroup P.S. Кроме возможности стать первым Автором TSSignal, все участники получат новогодний подарок от TSLab !
  4. Можно использовать блоки ИзменитьПо На блок подается количество, которое должно быть и условие. Пересчет дополнительный можно запустить в версии программы 2.1 https://blog.tslab.pro/display/KB/Beta+2.1 https://blog.tslab.pro/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=10748110
  5. attached script check indicator calc_zltema.tscript VervoortHeikenAshiCandlestickOscillator.tscript
  6. Use interactive lines in the chart to trade, just as I did in this example. Choose price using the interactive constant in the chart. You can change its value using the control pane as well. If you run such agent, it is going to place a buy order at the selected price when you click the button. Once the agent is in the position, the strategy will place a trail-loss. This is only one example.
  7. https://blog.tslab.pro/KB/4-programma/okna-programmy/8-okna/guide-with-layout/view-charts-+-have-a-dom-or-order-book-on-either-side
  8. Probably I misunderstood you again, sorry. The block formula syntax is here. https://blog.tslab.pro/KB/4-programma/skript/panel-instrumentov/sluyoebnye-elementy/formula-i-logicheskaya-formula-sintaksis But we do not provide line formula and we don't use any simple language for buy sell. You can build algorithms using blocks in the editor. Each block has its own function. If you need to enter a position, if X is more than Y, and if you need to flip the position, if X is less than Y, have a look at the examples I have attached. X__Y.tscript IF_THEN_ELSE.tscript
  9. My answer in my scripts. You need to Load them and upload them to Tslab. If my answer does not correspond to the question please let me know what is misunderstood. Probably I got you wrong.
  10. tslab.pro EN channel news (t.me/tslabproenchannel) tslab.pro RU channel news (t.me/tslabproruchannel)
  11. tslab.pro EN group (t.me/tslabproengroup) tslab.pro RU group (t.me/tslabprorugroup)
  12. https://blog.tslab.pro/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=10748782 I have added video tutorial to the article
  13. Contact Support please https://support.tslab.pro/secure/hdportal.jspa , provide us with the current application log file (Tools - Log Folder). The current log file tslab.log has no data in the file extension. Next day the file log will be renamed as follows - tslab.logYYYYMMDD, where YYYY is year, MM is month, DD is day. For example, tslab.log20110204. TSLab can keep up to 10 files. When a new file is created at 0.00 AM, one oldest file is deleted. Please archive big files in a ZIP file . Huge files can be shared from Google Drive.
  14. every candle but there is setting calcInterval.swf
  15. Video, how load scripts: https://blog.tslab.pro/KB/5-primery-examples/vizual-nyj-redaktor-visual-editor Deribit_Binance_histogr.tscript Deribit_ConstructorBars.tscript
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