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Attention! It is highly recommended to back up your data before performing the update!


  • The "Start all agents" button has been added to the "Autotrading Control Center" window;
  • A button for group change of providers in sources has been added to the agent settings window;
  • Added a message / event about the availability of a program update;
  • New block "Net value by account";
  • New version of Transaq connector 2.21.14.



  • Added the ability to change the display dates of historical data in containers when selecting the "Allowed to apply optimization" item;
  • Improved memory and performance when working with option board;
  • BinanceSpot: increased tick download limit;
  • Added the ability of the Cached Data Provider to work with tick data caches;
  • Increased history length limit when testing on tick data;
  • OKEx: added display of total futures position. Important! in the account settings on the OKEx website, 'Clean Mode' must be selected;
  • Added column sorting in the editor on the Parameters tab for those columns where it is allowed.



  • Fixed an error that caused double logout messages after vendor reconnection;
  • Fixed an errors in the "Last position has been closed and it was long" and "Last position has been closed and it was short" blocks;
  • Fixed placing orders via QuikLua on the American market;
  • Alor: fixed the situation with duplicate orders with a large volume of orders;
  • ByBit: various bugs fixed;
  • Fixed an error that prevented changing the Name of the Control Pane block in the editor;
  • Transaq MMA: the provider has been improved to work with a margin account (the error "Not enough funds" was issued);
  • Fixed error "NullReferenceException: Object reference does not point to an object instance" in the indicator editor;
  • IB: fixed IB cancellation;
  • Fixed an error where after compiling the script, the dependent dll blocks were not added;
  • Fixed operation of the "Recalc Scheduler" block when working with the Control pane;
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges: fixed "Tick size" in quotes for cryptocurrency exchanges;
  • various minor bugs .


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