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Attention! It is highly recommended to backup your data before performing the update!

New :

  • TSChannel - Service for building automated distributed trading systems

Changes :

  • A setting has been added to all crypto providers that saves ticks every N minutes (Save tick, min);
  • Added detailing in the Agent Control Center module;
  • Added the option "Detail logging order/trade cache actions", which solves the problem with a long connection time with a large order / deal cache;
  • Added the ability to configure the parameters of TSChannel blocks in the agent settings window;
  • Added a new option in the agent settings - "Order Expiration, days";
  • Added indices for Binance and Deribit: FundingRate, MarkPrice, IndexPrice;
  • Added the ability to pause during optimization;
  • In the script manager, a button "Change provider in sources" has been added to quickly change similar providers in script sources;
  • Removed output of information in exponential format on the chart;
  • Fixed memory leaks in the My Orders and My Trades windows;
  • Binance: The option "Download ticks in N days" has been changed to "Ticks loading depth,min". Allows you to speed up the connection if you don't need a large depth of history;
  • Binance: Improved work with rate limit for multiple data providers;
  • Okex: Migrated from V3 to V5 API.

Fixed :

  • Fixed an error related to the option Visibility of deals / orders offline;
  • Fixed an error that reset the content settings of secondary windows;
  • Added output of data from the Text block to the Control Panel;
  • Binance: Fixed a timeout bug that was breaking the agent;
  • Binance: Fixed an issue where the agent did not see commissions on Binance Spot;
  • Binance Spot: Fixed due to changes to the exchange API;
  • BitMEX: Fixed various minor bugs;
  • Deribit: Fixed a bug that occurred when a conditional order was triggered;
  • IB: Fixed work with orders created during non-trading hours and after reconnections;
  • IB: Fixed error "Reading after end of stream is not possible" for some contracts;
  • QuikLua: Fixed a bug due to which the account when creating an order was different from the account in the sent data on the order;
  • Rithmic: Fixed local time setting;
  • various minor bugs.
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