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Attention! We strongly recommend to backup your data before update!


  • New Data provider OKEX Futures;
  • New Data provider Binance Margin;
  • Implemented "Agent Control Center" (experimental);
  • New block "Stacked Trade Statistics";
  • New block "Position by name";
  • In the menu "Program Settings" - "Trade" added the option "Minimum script recalculation interval".


  • Updated version of Transaq connector;
  • Updated version of Transaq HFT connector;
  • In the IB Data provider Settings window, the option "Load trades" has been added, which allows enabling / disabling the loading of ticks upon connection;
  • The number of entries in the "Sum up", "Max" and "Min" blocks has been increased;
  • The logic of sorting block names in the "Optimization" window has been changed;
  • In the "Toolbar" window, added the ability to expand / collapse the lines of the block tree by double-clicking;
  • Added a field with a description of the error when the mouse pointer is over the block;
  • The auto login mechanism has been redesigned for QUIK;
  • For RTS Plaza 2, the ability to manually enter the "Custom start trading time" in milliseconds has been added;
  • The work of the Trade Statistics Upper and Lower Level blocks has been accelerated;
  • Finam Data provider - added support for American Stock when QuikLua is connected.


  • Bug fixes / changes made to Binance COIN, Binance Spot, Binance Futures, Transaq HFT, Deribit, Bitfinex, Smartcom, Rithmic providers
  • Added the ability to insert text consisting of several lines into the "Comment" block;
  • Fixed a problem with loading a container made in the previous version of TSLab;
  • Binance Providers - error exceeding data upload limits (2400 requests per minute);
  • In the script manager, the sorting has been fixed for the "Creation Date" and "Modification Date" columns;
  • Added check for reserved characters in block names;
  • Fixed the work of the "Start time" parameter of the "Trade Statistics" block;
  • Fixed an error in working with the "Control Panel" when using a container;
  • various minor bug fixes and improvements.
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