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Attention! We strongly recommend to backup your data before update!


  • Added new "Previous value" block;
  • Added new "Stacked Trading Statistics" block;
  • Added display of positions for all instruments in the Agents window.



  • Improved optimization and memory load speed on multi-core processors;
  • Added the ability to display custom optimization results on a 3D chart;
  • Updated FORTS work schedule for 2021 in the program;
  • Transaq New provider has been renamed to Transaq in the list of online data providers;
  • In the "Quotes" window, the "SumBid" and "SumAsk" fields for Binance and Deribit have been improved;
  • Implemented work with Quik;
  • Updated the Transaq library to work with the new version of the Finam broker server software;
  • Changes made to the process of scaling the chart using the mouse wheel.



  • fixed an error that occurred when selecting scripts;
  • removed the simultaneous saving of the program database when saving the script to an external file;
  • fixed an error that occurred when working with optimization results;
  • fixed an error that occurred when using the "Event" block as a source of conditions for an order;
  • fixed an error in the work of limiting the number of orders in Risk Management;
  • fixed negative values of control panel elements;
  • fixed incorrect operation of left / right movement arrows when working with multiple windows;
  • changes in Risk Management were not always savedя;
  • fixed trading session settings for SPC.Transaq data provider;
  • fixed time filter for group in Risk Management;
  • fixed display of data when selecting a new contract for an agent in the Agents window;
  • fixed an error that occurred when deleting agents;
  • Transaq: fixed reopening of a position during long breaks between trading days;
  • fixed properties of type enum (selection from the list) in optimization;
  • Bittrex: fixed number of decimal places for instrument price;
  • fixed display of Sharpe / Sortino ratios during optimization;
  • fixed an error when exporting optimization results to Excel;
  • fixed updating of source information from a text file when paired with a source connected to a real connector;
  • Interactive Brokers: the disappearance of instruments from the list of securities;
  • Okex: fixed getting positions;
  • Okex: fixed work with placed orders when restarting the program;
  • IQFeed: fixed work with Interactive Brokers;
  • Interactive Brokers: loading of skipped bars when TWS terminal is restored;
  • various minor bug fixes and improvements.


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