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Attention! We strongly recommend to backup your data before update!


  • New data provider Binance Coin-M


  • Bittrex: added trading history


  • Binance Futures: fixed an error when connecting a data provider
  • Binance Futures: fixed the freezing of the request queue while the data provider is running
  • Bittrex: modified the mechanism of formation of prices candles
  • Bittrex: increased inactivity timeout
  • Bittrex: transfer to the V3 API
  • Interactive Brokers: edits for working with deals
  • Binance: transfer to updated API
  • Bitmex: fixed reconnection problems
  • QuikDDE: improved connection process
  • QuikDDE: fixed position display after reconnection
  • fixed incorrect work of the "group" frame in the visual script editor
  • withdrawal of profit/loss when the line of deals is collapsed in the agent
  • fixed work with instrument subscriptions
  • displaying an error message when canceling an order
  • fixed sorting in the position window
  • improved work of the script optimization process
  • fixed dumping parameters from external script in editor after closing
  • fixed display of the price of a related order after reconnection
  • fixed rounding of fractional volume values when sizing positions
  • fixed message output when the volume is set less than the minimum
  • fixed construction of a standard second chart from a tick chart
  • various minor bug fixes and improvements.
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