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Attention! We strongly recommend to backup your data before update !


  • New data provider LMAX Global.


  • Interactive Brokers: added an option that limits the number of days to download ticks;
  • Interactive Brokers: added skipping bars with zero volume;
  • Transaq: improved processing of related orders in Transaq;
  • text files data provider: fixed statistics calculation when working with tick data;
  • block "Profit (in N positions)": fixed work of "Profit kind" parameters;
  • block "Trade Statistics": added the ability to specify the date and time of the start of the calculation of trade statistics;
  • block "Save to Global Cache": added the ability to save data between program launches and recalculations;
  • block "External C# script": added the ability to delete multiple files from an external script;
  • new menu for selecting parameters of the time interval on the chart;
  • added the ability to accept negative prices in the Order manager;
  • changed the Agent settings window;
  • drawdown for closed positions and recovery factor for fixed drawdown added to the "Results" table.


  • QuikLua: fixed error loading charts;
  • QuikLua: fixed error loading a large amount of historical data on a minute chart;
  • Interactive Brokers: fixed error causing disconnection from the data provider when requesting an expired instrument from quotes;
  • Interactive Brokers: fixed error related to displaying the Account;
  • Interactive Brokers: fixed error canceling orders
  • Interactive Brokers: fixed error loading historical data;
  • Interactive Brokers: fixed position opening error;
  • Binance: fixed error creating an order with an amount equal to '0';
  • Binance: fixed error "Timestamp for this request was 1000ms ahead of the server's time";
  • Bitmex: fixed error opening a position for a free license;
  • improved transition from version 2.0 to version 2.1;
  • updating the name of the chart panel in the script editor;
  • preservation of block connector colors;
  • improved recalculation from the control panel, when changing a parameter;
  • fixed error in block «Changed Position Exit Bar Number» ;
  • fixed property "IOrder.Date": returns real time of order change;
  • fixed setting of order parameters by clicking "Close position" in the "Order Manager";
  • various minor bug fixes and improvements.


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