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Attention! We strongly recommend to backup your data before update !


  • Transaq: updated Transaq library.


  • Interactive Brokers: fixed chart loading problems;
  • Interactive Brokers: fixed errors with incorrect lot size filling;
  • Interactive Brokers: fixed incorrect display "Positions (lots)" and "P/L" in Autotrading control center;
  • Binance: fixed processing of pending orders (in some cases, the execution of the order could come earlier than the notification of the receipt of the order);
  • Binance: fixed processing of liquidation orders( or trades) ;
  • Binance: fixed incorrect rounding for Lot size - less than 1 (which led to the creation of an order with size 0);
  • Binance: fixed errors when connecting to the server (in some cases user had to restart the program or in some cases it was necessary to restart the program);
  • BitMEX: in some cases, when trying to place an order by Ask/Bid levels, there was a server error - with the mark 'Spam'
  • BitMEX: fixed errors when connecting to the server;
  • BitMEX: fixed error with incorrect recalcution for Buy/Sell mode without volume;
  • Lab: fixed updating the Trades window (could lead to long-term processing on large volumes of data);
  • Autotrading control center: fixed error incorrectly showing the size of the virtual position (rounding was not used);
  • fixed error updating chart with text data;
  • Order manager: fixed error with the wrong portfolio after restoring the workspace;
  • Order manager: in some cases, the effect of twitching lines could occur;
  • various minor bug fixes and errors.
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