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  1. or what block can return the current position price? not the entry price
  2. thanks Саро Микаелян , the new updated solved / fixed, TSlab support so fast and great!
  3. yes, if not when i take profit each $20/10 it become lost, because it calcuation from the 2nd entry ladder price
  4. after update this For deribitshift ctrl alt u"Use URL to update"http://files.tslab.ru/files/special20/TSLab20_20190723_2.0.35.26.tsupdate all the indicators description and detailed become russian language
  5. how can i combine laddering add position to become better price after averaging like every $200, with above script taking every profits $10, calculate from the each ladder average price, not from the 1st entry price to taking profits?
  6. Alexey TSLab can the stop loss move above entry price to lock and protect the profits after like take profits 2 or above entry $20 ?
  7. this is btc trade when i got a long position open by market example 10 lots, at 9500 price i want to to take profit at 9510 1 lot, 9520 1 lot, every 10 usd take profit of my open position 10% of my quantity of open position, so i can take profits 10 times , hope my explaination is clear, thanks Alexey
  8. how to take profit every $10 increasing or decreasing prices with 10% each of the open position with limit order? thanks you very much
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