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  1. Nice this work very well So i mange to make a simple Line chart of the difference of deribit perpetual and dec contracts
  2. you posted this on the wrong question lol can you please share some example with formula it doesn't work the same as a spreadsheet like =if( XXX < XXX,"BUY","SELL")
  3. Do I just create a formula box =source1-TradablInstrum do i need to addd space or other
  4. where about do you load them ? in the local folder or appdata ?
  5. it look like order dont move to the price of the UPPER and LOWER b-bands ., it look like it place the order and leave it there untill filled , when you set the price on the entry does it always update the value ? if so does it update every candle or tick?
  6. I am trying to create a chart with the 2nd plane on the bottom that will tell me the different from current price of one assest to another so comparing the different from gold vs sliver , deribit vs bitmex , deribit perpetual vs deribit future
  7. how can we add script that will include delta and other greek to make trading bots ?
  8. Could you please create a discord room or telegram room where trader could ask question and talk with other trader. Would be really helpful when you have new user asking simple question like "where is the trade tab" Discord could create english and Russian room 🙂
  9. Could we please get converted to Tslabs https://www.tradingview.com/script/UyhY8FuQ-Vervoort-Heiken-Ashi-Candlestick-Oscillator/ This is how sierra chart build it , their c# is a little different https://www.sierrachart.com/AdditionalFiles/UserContributedACS_SourceCode/UserContributedStudies.cpp How it work http://traders.com/documentation/FEEDbk_docs/2009/08/Letters.html
  10. How do you get the bot to replace a order and move the price I am trying this simple Bollinger bands sistem , selling the top and bottom range , but it doesnt really do what i want , it feel like it cancel on order then wait 1 candle also , how do i get it to go long 10 contract short 20 contract ( either short 10 and short 10 ) but I want it to go long +10 to short -10 StDev_channel_5min.tscript
  11. Could you please make a guide with layout view charts + have a dom or order book on either side have buy and sell button on the chart ( or another part of the chart) so I don't need to click another tab to enter trade. guide with trading on the chart ( placing limit order with mouse click )
  12. just use deribit.com bitmex has existing API problem with existing platforms
  13. Will star

    BTC price

    Can you please update the price for 1 month contract 0.04 BTC ( current price today $415) per month is insane cost while your charge only $60 for Interactive Brokers or AMP Global Clearing. sierra chart only charge $26 https://www.sierrachart.com/index.php?page=doc/Packages.php I understand that tslab is a smaller less unknow chart package but $415 is way to much
  14. thanks, I am trying to learn how to place a limit order at a price or eg $10 below the current price or if i can make an equation like 1% below the current price Or place a limit order at the top of a Bollinger Bands and bottom Bollinger Bands
  15. But ever time I shutdown and restart there always gaps , Is the data save and updated on your sever or do we need to always keep our TSlabs open
  16. Can you please post some simple trading Visual Editors, Simple MA cross Scalping trading system Bollinger Bands trade system , So we can see how to place limit order on Bollinger Bands at the bottom of the bands and limit close at the top of the bands, Can you also show how to get the agent to update the price as the Bollinger Bands increase and decrease
  17. How do you place scaling order ( lader order ) A scale order is a type of order that comprises several limit orders at incrementally increasing or decreasing prices. Is there a way to place limit order to start eg $10 below current order and place 50 order every $1 for 100 lots
  18. How do you download more chart data for deribit? And how do you make the chart have less gaps when you shutdown the TSlabs , Can we pull in data from trading view or do you download data-
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